Offer your employees a unique, meaningful perk: the opportunity to work with remarkable orgs on important causes.

We support orgs that change the world

AGO is a movement accelerator. We build relationships with people, orgs and networks doing critical work in human rights and environmental justice, then use strategy, technology, and creative storytelling to advance positive social change.

Introducing the AGO fellowship program

Most people can’t afford to work full-time in the nonprofit sector, but many crave more purpose in their work lives. Offering employees the opportunity to work on meaningful causes is a unique and compelling perk at a time when recruiting and retention are tough.

Engage at a level that works for you

Partners can engage in multiple ways, ranging from light-touch advisory roles to employee rotations:


Expert advisors help guide AGO’s work at a high level by sharing expertise, contributing ideas, reviewing work, and overseeing projects at a high level.

We’re currently looking for advisors in design, comms and PR, storytelling, emerging tech, and more.


Employees participate in brainstorm sessions at critical moments. This is a great way to get whole teams involved. Partners can participate on an as-available basis.


Partner creates a year-long role at AGO and commits to staffing it. Seats can be endowed as a gift or in celebration of milestones and should align with the company’s core competencies and mission.


Employees rotate onto AGO full-time—for 90 days, six months, nine months, or a year—while still being paid their full salary and benefits by their employer. This provides an invaluable opportunity for them to delve deeply into work for nonprofit clients.

Become a founding partner

Join our cohort of founding partners—creative agencies, technology companies, and consultancies—to shape the AGO fellowship program.
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