We use creative strategy and high-impact campaigns to help address the world’s most intractable challenges.

Our mission

To connect the most talented makers, thinkers, and doers to the world’s most vexing and persistent problems. We apply the skills of those in creative and strategic fields to help exceptional organizations have a greater impact.

Who we work with

Foundations that seek to add value to their grantees in the form of strategic branding, marketing and innovative campaigns.

Exceptional NGOs with the potential to have an incredible impact through their unique access, approach or leadership.

What we do

Grow organizations with branding, marketing and operations solutions that expand their reach and impact.

Mobilize communities with powerful communication strategies and media production to generate awareness, drive action, and promote change.

We specialize in human rights and environmental causes.

Our approach

Our problem-solving approach has been honed in the for-profit world, and adapted to the unique challenges of global non-profits.

Define the opportunity

Each project begins with a clearly defined problem and is shaped by interviews, desk and field research to ensure we are focusing on what matters most, and what should be achieved first. In this phase, we also set the baseline for key metrics we seek to improve.

Build the team

The right team is the difference between success and failure. Assembling the best in class talent and subject matter experts to lend their knowledge, provide the right cultural and political context and understand pragmatic constraints is the key to developing a relevant, durable, high-impact solution.

Design the solution

Our broad menu of solutions includes everything from traditional branding and marketing, to coalition-building, market research, partnerships, creative media production, technical advisory and internal operations.

Our team develops insightful solutions and creative systems targeted to each distinct community.

Set the plan in motion

Whether an in-market creative campaign, content strategy or community tools, we work to ensure everything is right-sized for your organization, and you have the team and know-how to maintain it going forward.

Reading & writing

Creating the positive change we want to see in the world is complicated and requires constant learning. We hope that sharing our struggles, ideas, and work will help others.

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We’re hiring

We’re looking for experts in: strategy, creative, operations and campaigns in NYC and beyond.

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