AGO in action

We work with ambitious human rights and environmental justice orgs to tell powerful stories, advance important ideas, and drive collective action.
Our work

Helping activists cultivate a healthy democracy

We’re developing a multi-year strategic roadmap and creative communications campaign to help TLHR restore democracy and rule of law in Thailand.

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Our work

Pursuing justice for victims and survivors of torture

We’re helping Cross Cultural Foundation create an extensive digital archive to document and monitor human rights cases plus 20 years of evidence.

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Our work

Taking a big-picture approach to human rights in Thailand

We’re working with local partners to increase the number of human rights lawyers in Thailand and to inspire a new generation of human rights defenders.

Our work

Saving an endangered species through joyful action

We’re sparking a grassroots movement to help people understand how simple acts of joy and reconnection can ladder up to a revolution.

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Scaling up the new generation of democracy defenders

We helped poll-watching group We Watch rally a new generation of democracy defenders through modern CRM tools and a fresh brand system.

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Strengthening the digital future of Myanmar

We designed a campaign to help people in Myanmar improve their online safety, digital literacy, and participation in the global economy.

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Empowering an anti-human trafficking org to tell their inspring story

We created a new brand system and operations overhaul for a Thai abolitionist organization ahead of a global film premier about their work.

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Introducing the AGO human rights fellowship

Our fellowship supports rising activists and advocates with extraordinary potential to advance human rights.
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