We empower people with the talent and desire to apply their gifts toward a more equitable world.

Danielle Reid

Engagement Coordinator

Energetic organizer who keeps projects running smoothly and details top of mind.

Sarah Lessire

Content Strategy Lead

Strategic thinker who brings values and stories to life across all forms of creative media.

Marco Grasso

Senior Designer

Talented designer who solves complex problems with agile thinking and creativity.

Carla Yuen

Strategy Lead

Design-forward brand strategist who leverages research and insights for creative solutions.

Raine Manley

Engagement Lead

Empathetic manager who builds the trusting, collaborative foundation for all of our work.

Irene Polnyi

Director of Strategy

Strategic leader who uses technology and brand to build new power.

Gillian Gutierrez

Managing Director

Innovative leader who champions business transformation and impact.

Andrew Kessler

Chief Executive Officer

Creative director and entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to thinking about innovation, audience, and design.

Jay Zasa

Interim Creative Director

Innovative creative leader who brings strategic and business goals to life.

Jamie Wilkinson

Technology Advisor

Multifaceted technologist who brings creative solutions to complex problems.

Amelia Williamson

DEI Advisor

Results-driven advocate who amplifies philanthropic impact for individuals and organizations.

Nepal Asatthawasi

Development Advisor

Experienced development specialist who studies modern giving practices to ensure donors can maximize their impact.

Our values


We empower our clients’ vision and efforts, not our own.


We believe coaction among people with diverse perspectives and expertise fosters the freshest ideas with the highest impact.


We target complex and intractable problems that demand out-of-the-box thinking and resourcefulness.


We face difficult challenges with courage and determination.


We service our clients’ causes with humility, compassion, and empathy.

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Join our team

We’re looking for experts in creative, technology, and strategy in the U.S. and Southeast Asia.

Senior Strategist

You will bring business, brand and research strategies to life on behalf of progressive causes and organizations.
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Creative Director

You will lead creative services for our agency and nonprofit clients. Our work requires a visionary creative who can bring insights and strategies to life.
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Engagement Manager

In this freelance role you will shepherd a multidisciplinary team as they design and develop solutions for a large-scale, integrated program.
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Web Developer

You will create innovative technology solutions on behalf of progressive causes and organizations.
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