The Thai Creative Collective is a creative community working to inspire change and advance Thailand’s grassroots human rights movement. ภาษาไทย

What we do

Collaborate with local creatives

We're building a network of local creative consultants, freelancers, agencies, and experts who can deliver impactful work.

Advance network-level strategies

We support and advance coalition building efforts and organizational optimization for human rights orgs in Thailand.

Support cultural shifts

We deliver breakthrough creative campaigns and communications that inspire people and create cultural shifts.

Our work

Torture-Free Thailand

We built a website to advocate for and educate people about Thailand's Anti-Torture Bill—a bill that human rights defenders in Thailand championed for a decade before it finally passed in 2022.
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Our work

Cross-Cultural Foundation

We helped human rights defenders CrCF rebuild their website to make their important work and extensive digital archive of human rights cases more available to the public.

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Our work

Year in Rights

We helped CrCF and TLHR tell the story of the incredible work they did last year in human rights advocacy, education, legal aid, and the pursuit of justice.

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Our work

NGOs for the People

We created a microsite and communications campaign to rally support for local NGOs in Thailand and raise awareness of an extremely problematic bill making its way through Parliament.

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Our team


Communications Lead

Bangkok-based journalist and human rights advocate.



Writer and editor working at the intersection of arts, culture, politics, and gender issues.


Creative Director

Experienced designer with a background in urban planning, project management, and service design.


Technology Consultant

Experienced technology evangelist specializing in platform development, data analysis, and digital marketing.



Experienced translator specializing in Thai culture, politics, and social movements.


Content Creator

Creator of videos, images, and other creative content for international and local Thai brands.

Want to work with us?

Are you a photographer, videographer, social media expert, event producer, engagement director, public relations specialist, or some other kind of Thai creative with an interest in human rights? We want to talk to you.

Contact us to learn more! [email protected]